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The ISS CMS is a Commercial-Off-The-Shelf (COTS) service based on ISS' industry proven Device Lifecycle Management (DLM) platform. The DLM platform is a secure, modular and flexible system which incorporates a tamper resistant FIPS 140-2 Level 3 HSM. This 5th generation secure database application and security services platform is an out-of-the-box solution to protect, manage, and distribute: device identities, keys, certificates, CRLs, firmware images, credentials, licensing and configuration permissions, etc. DLM is a robust security platform designed for high-availability redundant failover, secure key and data transport, secure key archive, separation of roles and duties, and extensive logging and reporting.

The ISS CMS is available as a cloud-based service that provides full NHTSA FMVSS #150 compliant V2X Security Credential Management System (SCMS) functionality to provision OBU and RSU devices at State installation facilities and/or Tier-1 devices assembly lines and provide the on-going certificate top-offs and CRL distribution for the lifetimes of pilot vehicles. Most importantly, ISS CMS is designed to be HIGHLY SCALABLE, i.e. over 750 Billion (750 x 109) certificates on an annual basis, to meet the most extreme demands of certificate issuance.

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ISS Secure Platform for Aerospace And Defense (ISS-SPAD)

In today’s connected battlefield, weapons systems and aerospace platforms face a range of previously unimagined cyber-security threats. Well financed and resourceful national cyber-warriors are mounting attacks even in peacetime to undermine the reliability and effectiveness of these systems. Developers must think beyond attacks against deployed systems to attacks at the design, and manufacturing supply chain. The multi-tiered, multi-national chains that supply these complex systems represent a soft underbelly to be probed for vulnerabilities and to serve as points for malware injection and the exfiltration of critical assets. Against such skillful and determined adversaries the A&D designer must have an uncompromising end-to-end management platform to secure all elements of the system and at all stages of the product lifecycle.

The US Department of Defense in cooperation with the NIST Computer Security Resource Center recognize the threat posed by supply chain vulnerabilities and have instituted a Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification program to raise the level security awareness in the industry. The DoD has stated that future procurement decisions will depend heavily on the cybersecurity maturity of not only the prime contractor but also every sub-contractor in the supply chain. ISS Secure Platform for Aerospace and Defense provides the technology necessary to achieve a high level CMMC certification.

ISS-SPAD is a comprehensive security management platform that protects and manages all elements of the system from design and development through manufacturing and deployment of operational infrastructure and the device itself. In service ISS-SPAD provides secure diagnostics access and Over the Air (OTA) software updates.